Theory of Change #065: Jeff Schatten and Gary N. Smith on AI and its implicationsListen now (58 min) | An introduction to artificial intelligence and how it’s changing the world
Theory of Change #064: Philip Bump on Baby Boomers and what comes nextListen now (50 min) | America’s largest generation fundamentally changed the country, but how they head for the political exit is to be determined
Theory of Change #063: Justin Baragona and Diana Falzone on Dominion's Fox FilesListen now (53 min) | Dominion’s Fox lawsuit has utterly exposed that Rupert Murdoch's Fox isn’t news
Theory of Change #062: David Hollinger on the theological origins of the Christian RightListen now (50 min) | You cannot understand the politics of American reaction without understanding its soteriology
Theory of Change #061: Wajahat Ali on finding truce between religion and equalityListen now (55 min) | Christianity, Islam, and non-theism are often at war in our culture, but it doesn't have to be that way
Theory of Change #060: Seyward Darby and Katherine Abughazaleh on the sexuality of reactionListen now (55 min) | Far-right activists are obsessed with sex, but only under their very peculiar terms
Theory of Change #059: Douglas Rushkoff on the doomsday fantasies of billionairesListen now (60 min) | The world's richest people are starting to realize the system they've created is unstable, but they can't stop
Theory of Change #058: Nils Gilman on how the "designer economy" will replace neoliberalismListen now (60 min) | Historian Nils Gilman on why leaders on the left and right are realizing the state must play a bigger role in the economy
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